“Aspire to inspire a healthy mind-body lifestyle success.”  - JWebb Inspire 



My Story

The Journey of Survival


I often hear the phrase "you are a survivor", but I am never quite certain of how to process the mean in pertaining to the story of my life.  So I feel that it is my journey and aspiration to discover the very word "survivor" and how I can humbly inspire and guide those who are going through tough transitions of their life.


I am the first generation immigrant from Vietnam, and also what some people may know as the "Boat people".  I came to this country in the early 1980 fighting against all odds including being lost in the Pacific Ocean,  living a refugee camp of Indonesia for about 2 years of my childhood.  Through many unfortunate events, of being put into the children's shelter through being passed through many homes before I was adopted by the age of 11 years old, I consider myself the "lucky one".  

Through many experiences of my own life trial and tribulations from childhood into my adulthood, I have successfully started a coaching and consulting company to help those who are seeking to transition into the next phase of their life in physical health and mental wellbeing.  Whether it is difficulties in their life or reach their highest potential in business, I help guide them into their true light. 



The relationship between a mentor and a mentee is about timing.  When what we need the most in life we shall seek for it.  It is when we seek is when we are ready and willing to learn.



Giving back to my community is part of my belief in the concept of "pay it forward".  We are all in one way or another connected energy and we reap what we sow.  I choose to use my time to help the college students at University of Maryland who are seeking career guidance each semester as part of my practice as I develop my coaching and consulting company.